BRIEF: “I’m thinking the beach?  Sand and Water? Not sure why, but that’s what I envision when I think about my business” – Avuyile Mbombo (Managing Director)

INSPIRATION: I went with the idea of a ‘beach’ – but not literally, just the idea of flowing water and ripples made in the sand by the flow. And how the blue has an impact on the brown/beige. < you leaving your mark on their business.  Having blue running through the centre and meeting almost seamlessly with the ‘beige’ of the ‘sand’ – is intended to show calm/harmony.  Because of the nature of your business, there will be ‘many lines of communication’ – so I wanted it to have the feel of cross communication, but that flows effortlessly and becomes one, but still separate entities.  Your symbol/logo mark is meant to symbolise (above all) – synergy.  But with ALL those factors, I still wanted it to be simple, elegant, instantly recognisable and memorable.

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    August 13, 2018

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    • Illustration
    • Design